The Unsocial Network

Upon logging onto my Facebook today, I received a lovely little message basically stating that my ability to send friend requests on the site would be disabled for a number of days. Now what was it I did again to anger the “admins” of facebook? Oh, that’s right… I friended people.

Ever since Facebook launched their “People You May Know” …”campaign”, I’ve been flooded with people I may or may not know. If I know them, good. If I don’t know them we have friends in common and maybe getting to know them would be something worth doing… at least that’s how I think

According to the “admins” I’ve been sending out too many friend requests I guess. Mayhaps I’m wrong, but I was under the assumption that social networks served the purpose of keeping people connected and helping people connect to others who may be potential friends or who may have similar interests and so on. Maybe that’s what social networking claims to be all about, but it’s really about something else. Maybe it’s all about controlling what we can or can’t do on the internet while masking it all as some sort of cyber “free will”.

Whatever the issue is, I for one am considering deleting my Facebook account. If I wanted to be under the thumb of a group of shadowy “admins” or endure pointless updates that do nothing but make the site less and less user friendly then I would have stayed on myspace. Mayhaps I should have stayed on Myspace. It may be lame and it may be a bit outdated, but the one thing it’s not guilty of is faulting me for doing something it’s designed to help me do… meet people.

That being said.. one day the internet will rise up against you Facebook. One day you’ll be where Myspace, Friendster and other like sites are now. The only difference will be that you won’t be there because you’ve simply grown outdated and useless. No, it’ll be because you did yourself in.

So, the next time I decide I want to get to know someone on your less than lovely site and you decide to….”punish” me for it, just remember that. Your time’s coming Facebook.


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