A Geek Peek at 2012

Even if the Mayans, doomsday prophesiers , soothsayers and televangelists are right and 2012 is the end of history as we know it or the end of mankind; it’s going to be one heck of a year for geeks and nerds alike. This year’s going to see the return of favorites such as Doctor Who and Fringe, as well as a slew of new video games and Hollywood blockbusters. Whatever may come of this year, it’s certain to be the year of the geek. That all being said, I’ve taken it upon myself to compile a list (in no particular order) of some of the more noteworthy things to look forward to this year.

15. The Hunger Games Comes to Film

I’ve heard a lot of buzz going on about this one. The Hunger Games takes place in an unidentified future time period after the destruction of North America, in a nation known as Panem. Panem consists of a wealthy Capitol and thirteen surrounding, poorer districts. District 12, where the book begins, is located in the coal-rich region that was formerly Appalachia. As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol, every year, one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected by lottery and forced to participate in the Hunger Games, a televised event in which the participants, or “tributes,” must fight to the death in a dangerous, outdoor arena, controlled by the Capitol, until only one remains. The story follows 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, a girl from District 12, who volunteers for the 74th Games in place of her younger sister, Primrose. Also participating from District 12 is Peeta Mellark, a baker’s son whom Katniss knows from school and who once gave her bread when her family was starving. I haven’t read the book, but that doesn’t stop me from looking forward to the film.

14. The Avengers Movie

Now I’m a huge fan of comics, mostly the Marvel franchise (not that I don’t like DC), and as such, I’m a fan of The Avengers. From what I hear, this year will see “earths mightiest heroes” grouped together on the big screen. It’s about time. I’ve seen all the separate movies that have led up to this point and I’ve liked all but one of them.  This year we’ll all have a chance to see Thor! Captain America! Iron Man! The Hulk! Nick Fury! And the rest in action on the silver screen. It’s something definitely worth waiting for, though the question of how they plan on giving each Avenger the proper amount of time on the screen as they go up against Loki and from what I’ve read(spoiler alert)… possibly the Scrulls. This film will either be worthy of comic book fan movie of the year, or it’ll be a huge bomb. Here’s hoping it’s not the later of the two. For anyone of you unfamiliar with the Avengers should check out their Wikipedia page by clicking here (Avengers)

13. iPhone 5

I’m one of the many fans out there of Apple products; namely the iPod touch, iPad, and of course iPhone, so it’s no wonder the iPhone 5 managed to find its way onto my little…not soo little list. A lot of folk seemed disappointed at the release of the iPhone 4S, but those who didn’t buy one will have their day in the sun as it were in the late summer or fall of 2012 with the release of the iPhone 5 which is a complete redesign of the iconic device. It’s also said that the new iPhone 5 will be sporting a larger screen as well as a sleeker body design. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to try it out.

12. Zombie Apocalypse

Now i’m sure you’re probably confused as to how the Zombie Apocalypse made its way onto my auspicious list of things to look forward to this year, right.?. But if you put into consideration the growing social unease regarding the state the world is currently in, irreversible damage to the earth, and dwindling natural resources, maybe a good push of the big red reset button is just what the doctor ordered. And what better way to usher in that restart than with a Zombie Apocalypse? Sure, some of your friends and neighbors might become flesh eating ghouls, but that’s the price of progress. And look on the bright side, some of your least favorite people might end up zombies.. and you know what that means. Time to grab your shotguns, shovels, swords and the like and get some undead revenge.

11. PS Vita and the Wii U

They’re not necessarily games in of themselves, but on one hand you have a handheld device that can mimic/replicate PS3 experiences on a smaller screen, and on the other, we have a sequel to a console that has pretty much helped to bring gaming to the masses as; it’s definitely a good time to be a gamer, regardless of what particular console you prefer. Sony’s PS Vita will attempt to take some of the handheld gaming market back from Nintendo thanks largely to the device’s use of Augmented Reality — a technology that utilizes a built in camera to juxtapose gaming action with real world environments. The Vita promises to translate all our favourite home console experiences onto it, and the Wii U promises better third party support, along with a range of top tier first party games that we’ve come to expect from Nintendo. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

10. Avengers vs. X-Men

Marvel is billing Avengers vs. X-Men as “the biggest comic book event in history.” Who knows if the 12-issue miniseries will even remotely come close to impacting the comic book  industry as much as DC’s recent New 52 initiative. Here’s a video that’ll tell you a lot more about it than I’ve managed to.

9. Apple TV

Steve Jobs told Walter Isaacson that he “cracked” the TV in his biography. Will we see a TV from the company, complete with some sort of Siri-based voice controls? One can only hope. The Apple TV is a small form factor network appliance designed to play digital content originating from the iTunes Store, Netflix, YouTube, Flickr, MobileMe, MLB.tv, NBA League Pass, NHL GameCenter or any Mac OS X or Windows computer running iTunes onto an enhanced-definition or high-definition widescreen television.

8. iPad 3

Given the product cycle Apple adheres to, you can also expect an upgrade to the iconic tablet in March (as was the case in 2011) It’s expected that the new iPad 3 will come with major upgrading. Some of the rumored specs of the device are that it may come equipped with an enhanced retina display feature to its 10-inch screen. It may also come with a 2048A1536 resolution display. It may also become “modestly thicker” (0.7 mm) to accommodate the twin light bar system needed for its higher-resolution display. Next thing you know, all TV’s will be replaced by iPads hanging on walls. Who’s got two thumbs and is looking forward to that? This guy.

7. Tron: Uprising

This 10-part animated series will bridge the gap between Tron and Tron: Legacy by telling the story of a young program’s revolution against the tyrannical Clu 2. Despite having a new character in a leading role, the series will feature familiar faces like Kevin Flynn and Tron himself. The show takes its visual cues from the sequel film as opposed to the retro-like look of the original Tron film. Not that that’s a bad thing. The animation in the series will be a mixture of 2-D and 3-D  and is said to be stunning. Even better is the fact that the show’s voices are provided by Elijah Wood, Lance Henriksen and Bruce Boxleitner. Even though this is conceived as a limited run series, any further exploration of the Tron world is a good thing in my book. Let’s hope this is better than the Animatrix was.

6. Doctor Who: Season 7

From what I’ve heard, the Ponds may be leaving the company of the Doctor and there’s only one more year until the 50th anniversary?! Since the skilled hands of Stephen Moffat took over the beloved science fiction/fantasy series it has been a nonstop thrill ride through the big bowl of wibbly wobbly timey wimey… stuff with the Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor portrayed by Matt Smith.  Now he is promising to not only get rid of beloved companions, Amy and Rory Pond but there will be no two parters on a show known for its cliffhangers. How will this effect the show?? Will there be more new villainous villains more villainous than the Silence and the Weeping Angels??

5. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I’ve talked quite a few times about The Hobbit in a previous blog or two, but that’s because I’m purely excited about the film. Any chance to see Ian McKellen back on the big screen as Gandalf is worth the wait and watch. Even if he’s coming back as Gandalf the Grey as opposed to Gandalf the White. If you don’t know, The Hobbit is the latest Tolkien based film by Peter Jackson to take place in the world of Middle Earth. Though you won’t see Gimli, Legolas, Aragornor Boromir, there’s sure to be a slew of likable characters in their stead.. and far more dwarves. If the world’s going to end this year, at least I’ll get to see this film before it happens.

4. The Woman In Black

It’s going to be good to see Daniel Radcliffe back on the big screen, even if it’s not as Harry Potter, the boy who lived. Based on Susan Hill’s 1983 novel of the same name, which was also adapted into a long-running stage play, The Woman in Black is about a young lawyer who encounters a malevolent ghost in a small British town. From what little I’ve seen of the preview or trailer for the film, I’m excited. How’s Mr. Radcliffe going to deal with this malevolent specter of a woman without his trusty wand in hand? I can’t wait to find out. This post-Potter film promises to be a winner. Hollywood needs more good old-fashioned ghost stories like this one.

3. Playstation 4

Sony Playstation is well into the development of its next generation console. Both Sony and Microsoft have publicly gone on record that their current consoles will have life cycles of 10 years, the PS3 was released in 2006. But that doesn’t mean they’re likely to wait until the very end of that shelf life. As for rumours about the PS4: Blu-Ray for certain, portable gaming data, a redesign of the PSN, more power (up to ten times more than the PS3 according to some estimates) and key for fans with shelves full of older titles: backwards compatibility, and who doesn’t love backwards compatibility? I know I do.

2. Video Games

Tomb Raider: 2012 sees a re-boot of one of the defining games of a generation as Lara Croft is due to return in Tomb Raider. With a trailer first unveiled at E3 last summer this new version of the game serves as a prequel to the original. Developed by Crystal Dynamics it has high hopes for this latest edition in the hugely successful series which sees the heroine stranded on a mysterious island and fighting for survival. Who doesn’t like a good survival game.?.

Grand Theft Auto V: One of the most controversial game series over the last decade 2012 could see a new edition to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The trailer alone made shock waves around the gaming community when it was released in early November. Set back in San Andreas it left more questions than answers for the game’s fans. Who is the middle aged man featured in the trailer? Will it be as violent as previous titles? Will it prove big enough to break Call of Duty’s strangle hold on the video game market? Whatever the answers are,  if it does make it onto the shelves next year Rockstar North will surely have the biggest selling game of 2012 on its hands.

Mass Effect 3: This is one game that does have a release date confirmed for 2012 (March 9th if you’re wondering). You play Commander Shepherd taking on ancient alien race The Reapers. Following their all out invasion Earth has been captured and the Galaxy is on the verge of annihilation. And you’re the only thing standing in their way. So far so standard for fans of the sci-fi genre. But what makes this series’ different is it wide ranging game play. It boasts multiple endings which play out depending on the decisions you make during the game and the type of fighting you do it’s likely to earn another sure fire hit for developer Bioware (Reminiscent of the “choose your own adventure” books, I’d say.)

1. Windows 8 Tablet

From what I understand, Samsung and HP will be the first makers of any Windows 8 tablets which will use the “Metro” interface on tablet that is presently used in Windows 7 Phone .  These tablets are going to be thin and light with lots of supports, Apps, an App store, and it will run on ARM, Intel and AMD chips. The price of these tablets will be similar to Android tablets. Though I’m a huge fan of Apple and all its many fine products, I’m still a PC user, so while I look forward to Apples new products, I can’t help but find myself intrigued by the Windows 8 Tablet. Will it be enough to steal me away from Apples iPad 3? Only time can tell.

One heck of a year for geeks and nerds alike indeed…


158 comments on “A Geek Peek at 2012

    • I’m definitely excited about it too. I’d heard of it before, but didn’t pay too much attention to it, till a friend started sharing her excitement about it with me. Well.. that and we’d watched Battle Royal which is vaguely similar (in the loosest meaning of the word.).
      It’s gonna be an awesome movie though.

  1. I remember a few years ago they (whoever they are) put out a false trailer of a Hobbit movie, and I was so excited, only to later find out it was a fraud. So I was so ecstatic when I realised there was going to be a legit one. I ponder if the hype over the false one is what pushed the movie people to actually plan one. Regardless, bring it on. Smaug, Smeagol… yeah…

    • False trailers are soo mean though. They get your hopes up for something and dash them like waves on the rocks. That happened with me when I saw a “trailer” for a Zelda movie..
      As far as The Hobbit goes.. I can’t wait to see what Smaug’s going to look like.

  2. I did not know a PS4 was due! That’s really exciting. And even more exciting is The Hobbit, can’t wait for that to come out. I’m already pretty much addicted to LOTR, so hopefully this is just as epic.

      • Oh, sorry. 🙂 I seriously thought you were subtly daring the LOTR nitpickers … Unintended wit on your part still counts in your favor, I’ll have you know!

    • That may be true, it may not. Either way, I certainly don’t know when, how, or why it’ll end, but whenever, however, or for whatever reason it is.. I do hope it’s zombies. It’ll be an exciting time for everyone.

  3. love the post!!!
    you informed ME about some upcoming stuff… but i still think “Hobbit” should be higher, but maybe that’s just THIS dork whose uber-excited about it LOL!!

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  5. I’m so excited. I’ve just bought the book for The Hunger Games, seen the trailer for the hobbit and have already started buying tinned food for the zombie apocalypse. I still haven’t made up my mind about The Woman in Black yet. In the last couple of Harry Potter films Daniel Radcliffe seemed to think that clenching his jaw and gritting his teeth was the be all and end all of acting. Hopefully I will still be able to enjoy the film.

  6. Love this – so excited about this year. Especially the films – The Hobbit! 🙂 The Hunger Games! This is going to be THE year of the Geek, you’re right.

  7. I am sooooooo looking forward to The Hobbit. It is by far my favorite of the Ring books. I got my first copy of the book for Christmas when I was like eight or nine I thing, and I read it over and over until it fell apart. THE WORLD BETTER NOT END BEFORE I SEE THIS MOVIE DAMMIT!!!

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  9. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your articles as long as I provide credit and sources back to your webpage? My blog site is in the exact same area of interest as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of the information you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you. Thanks a lot!

  10. The Metro interface currently in Windows Phone 7 is super-slick; I think Windows 8 may be a pleasant surprise to many Microsoft-sceptics.

    Nice blog post; some interesting stuff in there.

  11. Hmmmm I didn’t know any of those rumours about DW before reading this (should have looked away from the computer screen, oh well). I’m not sure if I wanted to know that Amy and Rory are leaving. 😦

    But yay tons of fun geekery to look forward to!

    • I apologize for the spoiler alert. Hopefully they’re just rumors. I like the character of Rory. I think he’s one of the best male characters the show has had. Aside from the Doctor of course.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the blog.
      I know what you mean about the Captain America movie. All I can say is thank g-d it was better than the old-school TV series that used
      to be on the air… Him and his plastic looking clear-ish shield…

  12. I thought Doctor WHo was taking a break in 2012…I can’t tell you how glad I am to hear that’s not the case! And I’m sorely disappointed that I have to wait a YEAR to see the Hobbit! And supposedly Legolas will be there…in a small cameo appearance. 🙂

  13. I can’t wait for the “Hobbit”! It’s sad Aragorn and Boromir won’t be there but I loved the book since the first time I read it, as I did with LOTR, and can’t wait to see how they put it up on the big screen. I have a vision of Smaug in my head, and I can’t wait to see how closely it matches Peter Jackson’s. Probably not even close! LOL!

    I am also waiting patiently for time to upgrade my phone so that I can upgrade to the iPhone. Maybe I’ll just have to wait a couple extra months for the iPhone 5…

    • Before I ever read the lord of the rings, I remember being told in my Jr. High School that my english class was going to read The Hobbit. I always liked fantasy, so of course I was amped at the thought. Ya, Smaug is one of the things I’m looking forward to seeing in the movie. Here’s to hoping they do him justice.

      I’d give my left leg.. ok.. someone elses left leg to have an iPhone again. I miss the one I used to have.

    • I was watching The Fellowship of the Ring a bit ago and while the Hobbits were going on about second breakfast and stuff like that, my friend was explaining to me how meal-times used to work. It was all news to me.

  14. You had me at Dr Who… and I guess the Hunger Games (Such a great book such an awesome cast… I’m partial to district 11 myself) as for the Hobbit the song in the trailer gives me thrills of anticipation and as a sworn whedonite, I’m going to be all over The Avengers. The Woman in Black (gets a definite Hell yeah!) My living in Nigeria makes being a Mac dang near impossible and mostly unaffordable. I’m a movie geek and not a game geek so the rest of the list went over my head. As for the Zombie Apocalypse, everyone knows I’m the survival expert. Word of advise people remember to double tap. “May the odds be in your favour.”

    • As far as sci-fi goes.. I love Star Wars, I love Star Trek, but Doctor Who will always reign supreme in my favorites.
      I have to admit, I didn’t know jack squat about The Hunger Games before I made the post. One of my best friends started telling me about the movie while I was preparing the blog and then my interest was sparked.
      Oh yes.. double tap is always important. That and aim for the head. I think the movie Zombieland has some good rules in it.
      And may the odds be equally in your favor.

  15. Though I love Matt Smith as the Doctor, I think Moffat has been letting him down with his story arcs. I still believe Season 3 w/ David Tenant has been the best of the reboot.

    Thanks for sharing your list.

    • As far as the Doctor goes.. the best in my mind will always be David Tennant. Speaking of David Tennant, I’ve just found some interesting news out about him possibly being in a film I’m currently looking forward to seeing. Though I don’t want to be a spoiler for everyone else.

  16. Is Zombie Apocalypse a book or series or something?

    A really good list…I love apple too. Not sure why you can’t just abandon pcs but I’m sure you have a good excuse. 😉

    Not sure I like Matt Smith at all…I know I hated the Ponds so maybe I’ll try this next year then…

    That Tomb Raider looks killer though…


    • Zombie Apocalypse is an occurrence. I figure since all the doomsday people are talking about the world coming to an end, why not have a bit of fun with it. Plus I’m a huge fan of horror movies.. so… it just seemed right.
      I’m glad you like the list. Well.. hmm.. I was raised a PC user and it’s sort of stuck with me. I know PC’s far more than I do Macs.. though I do love Apple’s iProducts.
      I’m half way with you there. Matt Smith is far from my favorite portrayer of the Doctor, but I do like the ponds… Rory at least.

  17. How about Sherlock. That needs to be added to this list. Its airing in January, I heard. I am excited about the Hobbit. And I hope they make movies out of all Tolkien books.

    • I did enjoy the first Sherlock Holmes movie and I am looking forward to the next one. The only reason it didn’t make the list was because I didn’t think about it at the time I compiled the list. Here’s to hoping it’s as good as if not better than the first one. I’m definitely with you on movies being made from Tolkien books.. that would be awesome.

    • Reminders are awesome.. well.. when they’re good.
      And it’s never too early to prepare for a possible Zombie Apocalypse. Apparently all the things you’d need to prepare for one of those are the same things you’d need to really prepare for any natural disaster.

    • I’m agreed on the Tron font. As far as the Doctor goes.. though I may not be happiest with Matt Smith, I’ve been glad to see things like Silence, more of the Weeping Angels. I love those guys.

  18. It’s going to be an awersome year to be sure! So many great new things coming out. I may be most excited about the movies…I mean, Avengers, Hobbitt, Dark Knight Rises and more! It’s going to be epic!

    • I’m mixed as far as wanting to see The Dark knight Rises goes. I like batman, I just don’t like Christian Bale’s portrayal of the dark knight. Batman has always been mysterious, but I can’t think of a single time he’s spoken with a… (pardon the phrase) cancerous sounding voice.
      If Heath Ledger were still alive and were he to have a role in the upcoming film.. I’d definitely have more reason to want to see it.

  19. 2012 really is going to be a great year, isn’t it?

    Definitely excited about the iPhone5 features. 🙂 Brilliance, friend. Brilliance. Like they say, “there’s an app for that.”

  20. You should definitely read The Hunger Games. Awesome series.

    And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve already got a survival plan in place for the pending zombie apocalypse: I’m saving up to buy my own island. If I’ve got any funds left over, I’ll get some sharks with lasers on their heads.

  21. Hmm, geek peek ,missing: Diablo III. At least we hope for it to come out in 2012, but most say so.
    Thanks for the heads up on Daniel Radcliffe’s new role!

    • I have to say, I’ve never played any of the Diablo games, so I couldn’t say much about the 3rd one.
      I would have felt odd talking about something I knew nothing about.
      Any time though as far as heads ups go. ^_^

  22. I didn’t know about the Woman in Black film – I’ll be looking out for that. I studied the book in school, and some friends of mine are putting it on as a play. (Well, two friends, and then the others are doing all the technical theatre, as if you’ve seen the play you’ll know that it’s only got two actors!)

    • I haven’t read the book, but from the preview I’ve seen.. it looks pretty interesting. I’m just hoping it lives up to my hopes.
      I can’t recall having seen the play, but I’d definitely be interested in seeing it. I’d have to see the movie first though. Heh heh.

  23. It’s the year of the Geeks and I am loving it!. The rise of the nerds…we are taking over the world and I am stoked! Thank you for giving me some more insight on what is to come for this year!

    • Blame Christian Bale for The Dark Knight Rises not being on the list. I enjoyed him in the first batman movie he starred in, but the following ones….. can’t stand him.

  24. This year looks awesome! I gotta get on reading The Hunger Games before that movie comes out, AH! And Mass Effect 3 is going to cause geek-gasms everywhere, I can’t wait. It’ll probably be the first thing to pull me away from Star Wars: The Old Republic…

  25. I am absolutely with you 100%. I’ve had the last several Iphones and both Ipads. I’m also a PC user. I dislike the vice-like grip Jobs had on how you used your own device. I’m just about ready to give them all away if there is a better alternative. I dislike Itunes with a passion and the grip it has on music. And even with the dreadful IOS5 which killed battery life, we are still tethered to Itunes more than I would like. As difficult as windows can be I’d rather use it any day of the week. After years of IOS devices I’m ready for a big fat change. The windows phones had better be all that and more!

    • When it comes to computers, i’m 100 % PC.. unless you count the occasional time I use a Mac mini or something. That said, when it comes to musical devices or phones, I miss my iPod touch and my iPhone(I had the phone before the iPod.)
      I’m not saying the iProducts are perfect.. in any way shape or form, I just like them for some…unknown reason. Mayhaps they’re some sort of subliminal suggestion in their logo? ^_^

      • They are awfully pretty. And for some reason Iphones seem so precious as to be almost always in a cover. I watch a tech show from the UK and they showcased some great upcoming products for the next year or so. Will I buy an Ipad 3? I don’t know. The only thing my current ipad gets used for i to play words with friends and the occassional movie on a trip. it’s a mighty expensive media device.

  26. We’re looking forward to virtually all of those things as well!

    Was a little worried about the Zombie Apocalypse, but after our little visit to The Gun Store in Las Vegas – not so much! Fired off some serious firearms and apparently we’ve got the mad skills!! Thank-you video games!!
    Now we’re seriously prepared for 2012…

    • Nothing cures the fear of an impending Zombie Apocalypse like a visit to the gun store I’d suppose. ^_^
      Well.. there are some people who would argue that video games help hone hand-eye coordination.

  27. Def looking forward to the Vita, WiiU, Ps4 and Win8… hmm, depending on how cool the new ipad is i may just finally get a tablet this year! 😛

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