Marvel vs. DC: Avengers vs. Justice League

With the soon to be arrival of the new Avengers movie, I found it only fitting to do a hero-off..if you will. Both the Avengers and the Justice league are composed of some of their comic book universes mightiest heroes. Now, I could go and limit myself to people who served in either group at the same time, but where would the fun be in that?  I’ve decided to judge both groups on a category based system. The Categories are Strength, Intelligence, Speed and agility, Weapons, and Magic.

Strength: While many may look at the Justice League at having this one in the bag because of Superman and Wonder Woman’s strength, they could possibly be wrong. Though the two are two of the strongest humanoid beings in the Justice League and the DC Universe, the Hulk is one of Marvel Comic’s strongest beings period. He’s pummeled gods, androids, and super-humans alike. Then you have Thor. As strong as the Hulk is, Thor is one of the only beings to have gone nearly to toe with the mean green machine. If the Hulk was out of this equation the fight would possibly go to the Justice League. Edge: Avengers

Intelligence: As important as strength is, it’s nothing without some intelligence behind it; and that’s something the Justice League has in spades. With brains like Batman (Who was smart enough to make a contingency plan in the event of the rest of the Justice League going rogue and trying to takeover the earth. Despite the fact that those contingency plans were stolen by agents of Vandal Savage and later used against the Justice League to nearly lead to their end.), the Martian Manhunter, and Superman… yes… Superman(he’s from an advanced alien civilization. He’s got to have some advanced alien intelligence.), the Justice League is doing very well, intelligence wise. On the other hand, the Avengers have minds like Tony Stark/Iron Man, Ant-Man, and Bruce Banner. Edge: Justice League

Speed and agility: Speed’s as important as any of the other categories here. No two people personify speed in the Justice League as much as Superman and the Flash. The Flash of course being the faster of the two. The quickest/fastest member of the Avengers would have to be Quicksilver. He is fast, very fast, but not faster than the Flash. Then there’s Thor, whose hammer allows him to fly at speeds faster than most fast superheroes can run. The Flash however is speed personified. He’s so fast that when he dies from going too fast he doesn’t go to heaven, hell, or purgatory, he becomes part of some sort of cosmic speed-force type thing. Edge: Justice League

Weapons : There’re a vast number of actual weapons that’re used by both groups here, but two of the most powerful among them is the power ring possessed by the Green Lantern of DC Comics and Mjolnir, the mighty hammer of Thor. While the Green Lantern’s power ring is powered by will itself and can create any construct its wearer can imagine, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir is forged of an indestructible or at least nearly indestructible star metal. A Green Lantern power ring can be broken or destroyed, though the later of the two would cause quite a large explosion….usually. On a basis of just how much power each weapon possesses though, one Green Lantern ring is enough to possibly destroy an entire fleet of starships… assuming its wearer’s will is strong enough. Mjolnir has the power to control storms and weather itself. That basically makes whatever planet the hammer is on into a weapon. That, and Mjolnir can absorb energy.  Edge: Avengers

Magic: While it’s not the most important thing for a team to have, it always helps to have at least one team member learned in the arcane arts. You know, in case that Harry Potter kid ever gets out of hand. There’s no doubt that the Justice League has its share of magic users… Doctor Fate, Zatanna, Etrigan, and Captain Marvel to name a few, but despite their number and their abilities, it’s the Avengers who boast a Norse god and the Sorcerer Supreme. The combined magics of Thor and Doctor Strange could rip open a whole in reality so large that nothing this side of the sun could survive. Now if we’re talking Rune King Thor… it would be even more epic. Not only is the sheer level of magical mastery larger on the side of the Avengers, but unlike the Justice League there is no one member of the Avengers who would take additional damage due to magic based attacks. That can however not be said of the Justice League…due to Superman’s “magic allergy”. Edge: Avengers

Bottom line: Any fight between those two groups would go down in history as the most epic of epic battles to ever be witnessed. Either side would face tremendous losses in a battle like this and some of our favorite superheroes would surely be lost to us. Unless they came back wearing Black Lantern power rings in some odd crossover. Winner: Avengers, Earth’s mightiest heroes.


4 comments on “Marvel vs. DC: Avengers vs. Justice League

  1. You are crazy. Hulk first off isnt stronger than superman. second you didnt mention Captain Marvel or Martian Manhunter in the strength category. You also failed to mention experience in battles and teamwork. That edge would definitely go to Justice League. They have been around 2o years longer. DC heroes are epic icons and would ring the Avengers clock before they knew what hit them.

    • While you’re entitled to your opinion, I’m certainly not crazy.
      Notice that I never specified which version of these characters/teams I was talking about. I honestly just threw my favorites of both sides together and went from there. There are versions of Superman who could probably pwn the Hulk and versions of the Hulk that could do the same thing to Supes. Everything that was in my post was purely based on my opinion and what I know about each team/hero I threw in. And being that this was my opinion and not something I claimed to be fact, I’m neither wrong nor right. Also, notice I was talking about the Hulk and Thor (not just the Hulk.), the two of them being the strongest characters in the Marvel universe. While the Justice League may have a longer amount of time with working as a team, Thor himself has far more experience in battle than all the members of the Justice League and the other Avengers combined. Then throw in Captain America’s soldiering experience and military combat experience and there you have it. And no, I didn’t mention Captain Marvel or the Martian Manhunter. There’re a lot of people I didn’t mention. The reason behind that is that I simply didn’t include them.
      So, while you may think I’m wrong or…”crazy” for saying the Avengers could pwn the Justice League, I must say that the only agreement you’ll receive from me is an agreement to disagree.
      And when in doubt.. Asgardian deity trumps Martian, Kryptonian, Amazon, and Human.

      Oh, and thanks for reading. ^_^

  2. I disagree in the magic factor, Doctor Fate can do basic anything and so can Zatanna, she has the speking weakness but theyr powers combined and other members of JLA, the avengers also have good magic, and you forget to mention Scarlet Witch, but still think the magicians in JLA would win

  3. Reblogged this on Pickles in Jars and commented:
    I’ve always been the marvel junkie but I’ve decided to keep an open mind on the now impending justice league movie. Truth of the matter is, I know I will like it but hey, The Avengers got it. Marvel got it. I stand forever firm in this opinion :p

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