Harry Potter and the Corruption of Everyone?

Now, my numbers may be a bit off here, but I’d say most folk the world around have heard the name Harry Potter. I mean, he’s one of the most famous people to have never existed. Ya.?.  Some would even say he’s bigger than Paul Bunyan. Ok, I’ve never heard anyone actually say that, but let’s assume for the sake of this post that tons of HP fans have said as much. For those reading this who aren’t familiar with the magical world of HP, I’ll sum it up for ya as briefly as possibly possible. Awkward UK lad fights against creepy, noseless UK adult and tons and tons of amazingness inbetween. Not the greatest summary, I’ll grant you, but it’ll have to do for now.

While perusing the vast vastness of media information and cat memes that is the internet, I stumbled upon this little gem of news…  Ok, it was posted on Yahoo news, but I still stumbled upon it.   “Teenage exorcists who say Harry Potter has corrupted the world head to Britain armed with Bibles and Holy Water to tackle hotbed of occult activity”

I read the title and of course my first response was to chuckle a bit. Once I was done with that, it became a wtf moment for me. Harry Potter and corruption? I mean… c’mon.. it’s Harry Potter for crying out loud. I mean look at that face. Is that the face of evil???


None the less, I decided to give the video attached to the news posting a look-see.  To summarize it, three holier than thou fame-seekers from Arizona (Brynne Larson,  Tess and Savannah Scherkenback) have come to the conclusion that Harry Potter is the source of an occult outbreak across the UK. (Because the works of JK Rowling obviously predate the existence of the occult in Europe… [he said sarcastically]) The last time I checked though, England didn’t have a Ministry of Magic..  Not even a Ministry of Cheap Tricks. They claim that “The spells you are reading about are not made up. They are real and come from witchcraft.” If I had a dollar for every time I pointed a twig at someone and shouted “Avada Kedavra!” and they died from it, I’d not have a single dollar. Forget the little blue pill… who needs that when whipping out your wand and chanting “Engorgio!” does the trick? What’s next? Will they be on a crusade to purge the world of the evil of fairy tale characters like the Fairy Godmother? Is she some harbinger of Satan wrapped in a winged old lady’s clothing?

As I write this, it dawns on me that the three girls may be confusing this: 3176173-1748009911-hp.jpFor this: voldemort
I mean, they both seem so identical, don’t they?  Take away the facts that one is the hero and one is the villain, one has friends who loyally follow him and the other leads by fear, one has never killed anyone to get what he wants and the other does it just because… take away those and other things and they’re oh so identical.

I don’t mean any of this to be a slam against Christians or Christianity in its wide spread uniform diversity, but with individuals like this in the spotlight, it’s no wonder some people can’t take the religion too seriously.

I hope that anyone who reads this post is far more enlightened and open minded than those who have inspired it. Just remember, because you don’t understand something does not make it inherently evil. And if you haven’t already, pick up a copy of Harry Potter. I promise you, it’s an amazing read.

For your viewing enjoyment, here’s the video in question. I’ll let it speak for itself… :


The full article inspiring this post can be found here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2415387/Teenage-exorcists-say-Harry-Potter-corrupted-world-head-Britain-armed-Bibles-Holy-Water-tackle-hotbed-occult-activity.html

Disorderly Conduct

I tend to not think about my sexuality a lot as it is what it is and I am a gay male, but just a few minutes or so ago, I was given reason to pause and think about it. While on one of the many networking websites i tend to peruse, I came across a conversation started based on a post someone had put as their status. The status basically alluded to someone preferring a reasonable sized appendage when engaging in intercourse. Sure the wording was different then what I’m saying but that’s somewhat irrelevant. The post itself was fairly clean.

Now somewhere along the line of response comments, one person felt the need to…unleash his thoughts upon everyone else who had responded to the status post as well as those who would respond and or read the status post. “I guess you don’t care if people know about your homosexuality, huh?” and so began the downward spiral of the conversation to follow. Now that was not the most..disturbing thing this person said throughout his responses. That title would have to be given to the following quotes from two different responses typed by one individual: “And there’s nothing wrong with being gay. Except it’s a mental disorder. Just like Religion” ” To gain pleasure from homosexuality, would require that you have a mental disposition. Thus, homosexualism would simply be classified as a mental disorder.”

If anything, I’m of the mind that homosexuality stems from genetics. It’s brought about by something on a genetically cellular level. Which of course would make it as natural as the pure driven snow. I am the way G-d mad me.. for the good and bad of it. I wouldn’t have brought religion into this if not for homosexuality and religion both being targeted by this one person. As well as being a gay male, I am a pretty religious person. I believe in an all powerful G-d that I can’t see, can’t touch or any of those things. Does this mean that I suffer from a double disorder? No. It means that I accept who I am and I also choose to believe in a power greater than I myself. I say there’s nothing wrong with either of the two. Religion is not a disease. It is a lifestyle choice, and one I’m proud to have made.

People who can’t stomach religion lack the ability to think beyond themselves and those who choose to look upon homosexuality as nothing more than a disease requiring curing are simply small minded and full of hate. Regardless of whether they choose to knowledge this fact or not. I live by the principle of love who you love and that goes from loving the same sex or the opposite sex to loving G-d, Buddha, Allah, or whomever you pray to. There is nothing wrong with me and there is certainly nothing wrong with any of you.  Accept yourself for who you are and others will accept you for who you are. Or… Accept others as you accept yourself. It’s all about respect.